Streamline Your Data Strategy

By focusing on the right data, organizations can gain sharper insights, faster processing, and a more robust data strategy that truly leverages their technological investments.

Unlock the full potential of your data with SADL (Structured Analytics Data Layer), the premier solution for integrating and analyzing data across diverse platforms. Whether you're working with popular SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, and Zendesk, or managing on-premise SQL databases, SADL streamlines the process of data centralization, enhancing your analytical insights without the need for manual data extraction and transformation. With SADL, you can effortlessly configure and automate data transfers, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Our advanced data transformation capabilities, including mapping, filtering, and aggregating, minimize the need for custom coding and complex middleware. Empower your organization to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently with SADL—where data meets innovation.

Using the innovative concept of Data Chemistry, SADL establishes a structured, consistent, and reliable framework to analyze and interpret your data. Data Chemistry draws a parallel between the manipulation and combination of data within a database and the foundational principles of chemistry. This analogy helps to conceptualize complex data interactions as simple, predictable reactions, enabling clearer insights and more effective decision-making. SADL leverages this framework to enhance data integration and analysis, ensuring that your data not only remains organized but also becomes a catalyst for transformation and growth within your organization.

What is data chemistry?

Data chemistry empowers organizations to extract valuable insights and metrics by transforming raw data elements into meaningful compounds.

What are elements?
What are compounds?
How are they related?
How can they be used?

What are elements?

In essence, the columns and data in a database are like the elemental building blocks of an organization's informational structure. Analogous to the elements in the periodic table, which define matter's properties, database columns define the nature of the underlying data. These elemental data points can originate from diverse sources, whether structured databases or unstructured feeds, and fundamentally serve to indicate the location of data and the means of accessing it. Just as elements combine to form a vast array of compounds, these data elements can be combined and manipulated to form the basis of organizational knowledge and decision-making.

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Deploy Anywhere

Can be deployed next to your source systems if there is no data warehouse.

AI Optimized Performance

AI enhanced tuning delivers optimized performance based on prior implementations.

Improved Data Collection

Includes easy data collection forms so critical data can always live somewhere and can support other ad hoc data import processes.


Incorporates key data from your core systems automatically and links to a variety of 3rd party data sources.

Immediate Access

Allows for immediate access to data via Excel, Power BI, and the out-of-the-box Strategic Performance App.

Streamlined API

Utilizes a simple API which provides data to any number of requesting systems.


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